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Shawarma Turkey Burgers

We are big shawarma eaters in my house. It makes a great dinner especially for kids because I set out all the toppings and everyone can build their own shawarma plate. It's naturally Whole30/Paleo without the laffa and honestly, when I have a good shawarma plate I don't even miss the bread. The way I usually  make shawarma though, is a hassle. I marinate the turkey or boneless chicken thighs for hours, then grill it, then slice it thin, then saute it. It's a lot of work. So I came up with a quick version in burger form. All the spices and herbs of shawarma in a perfect turkey burger. My 9 year old declared this to be one of the best dinners I had ever made and enjoyed every bite. The kids had their burgers in a roll, and we had ours sandwiched between two pieces of fried eggplant (heaven!) with all the toppings: sumac onions, tehina, sliced tomato, pickles, lettuce, amba, and schug- all the makings of a great shawarma. Don't have all the spices I used? Use your favorit…


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