Anniversary Menu II

Last year for our 6th anniversary I decided to make a delicious restaurant quality meal at home. It was such a success that I decided to do it again this year but going a totally different route in terms of menu. Firstly, instead of dairy I chose a meat meal and as I browsed in the supermarket for something special and unique to make to celebrate this milestone I came across some goose and knew right away that I would be making it. If goose isn't readily available you can use duck and you can even use chicken with this recipe but the goose was just the perfect unusual main dish for this meal.  It was succulent and bursting with rich wine flavor and we savored every bite! After we ate we tried to calculate how much the meal would have cost us in a fancy restaurant- somewhere around 600 shekel!! And it only cost us about 150 shekel to make! Now that makes for a happy anniversary! Stay tuned for the posting of the rest of the recipes from this at home gourmet experience!

Wine: Merlot
Fresh Ciabetta Bread with Olive Tapenade
Appetizer: Sesame Seared Tuna with Ginger Wasabi Dipping Sauce
Main: Braised Goose in Red Wine Reduction
Grilled Garlic Portabello Mushrooms
Roasted Broccoli with Toasted Pine nuts
Dessert: Fruit Trifle



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