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Simchat Torah is my favorite part of Sukkot. Though we don't sit in the Sukkah, the energy, the dancing, the glee of all the children who are high on shul candy and the sense of renewal as we begin the Torah anew is infectious. Some of my best childhood memories are from Simchat Torah in the small shteibel I grew up in, dancing with my grandfather and father, devouring endless bars of chocolate, and eating stuffed cabbage. That's why even though Sukkot is one of my busiest catering times, I insist on having company for Simchat Torah. Stuffed Cabbage is one of those foods that is traditional on Simchat Torah as the cylindrical rolls are reminiscent of the shape of the Torah, but for those of you for whom stuffed cabbage is too much work try this stuffed cabbage soup as a great alternative. Enjoy!

Cranberry Challah
Homemade Apple Butter

Starter: Stuffed Cabbage

Mains: Honey Ginger Garlic Minute Steak Roast
Toungue Polonaise
Coconut Chicken Strips with  Mango -Curry Dipping Sauce

Sides: Butternut Squash Souffle
Wild Rice Pilaf with Mushrooms
Green Bean and Mango Salad
Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw

Desserts: Stuffed Baked Apples
Hot Brownies with Mint Chip Ice Cream


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