Broccoli Chickpea Salad

Second week of healthy eating-yay! Congratulations to me on making it this far! A record has been broken, now let's see how long I can keep this up. I love broccoli salad but the one I usually make has a mayonnaise dressing that I was trying to avoid so I came up with this. It is light, refreshing, has lots of flavor and textures and is just all around good for you. I have a special place in my heart for chickpeas and adding them to this salad gives it a heartiness that really fills you up. Enjoy!

1 head broccoli, cut into florets
1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 can hearts of palm, rinsed and sliced
1 large red onion, sliced
1 1/2 pints cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup sunflower seeds, toasted

1/8 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Drop the broccoli in and let it sit for just a minute or so just to blanch it. Remove from the water and quickly run it under cold water or place it in ice water. Mix the broccoli with all the ingredients except the sunflower seeds. Whisk the dressing together and season the salad. Let the salad marinate for at least an hour before serving. Serve topped with the sunflower seeds.


  1. This really sounds deelicious and it looks like the perfect summer salad.

  2. This really sounds delicious. I'm new to your blog and have been browsing through your earlier posts. I'm so glad Idid that. You have some marvelous recipes on your site and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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