Garlicky Pita Chips

Pita leads a short, sad life. It's great fresh but starts to age after one day, is practically dead in its bag of suffocation by day 3 and is already manufacturing penicillin by day 4- what a way to go!  This is a campaign to extend the life of the poor pita! These chips are an EASY and delicious way to use up your pita before they kick the bucket. You can serve them with soup (like the Cream of Wild Mushroom soup) or use them instead of crackers for chummus and other dips.

To make them:
5 aging pitot
1/4-1/3 cup of oil
3-4 garlic cloves minced
salt, pepper, garlic powder

Preheat your oven to 350. Separate each pita in half and cut each half into wedges (as big or small as you want) and lay them out on a cookie sheet (one half of the pita will be thinner than the other and will thus cook quicker- so bake in two batches). Mix the oil and fresh garlic ( you can add some chili flakes to the oil if you want it spicy) and drizzle the garlic oil over the wedges. Sprinkle the wedges with oregano, salt, a little pepper and some garlic powder (you can never have too much garlic!) and bake until they are light golden brown and crispy-but make sure they don't burn (like the two on the left)- about 6-8 minutes. You can also substitute Za'atar for the oregano for a Middle Eastern twist.
Fresh out of the oven:

Cool them and store them in an air tight container. They will stay good that way for about 3 days- thats like a decade in pita years! Long live the pita!


  1. Pitot! We want choc. chip cookies!

  2. Loving the blog! these look like fun, def gonna try them- tonight we had the onion chicken, night 2- still delicious :)

  3. Great pix! Delicious blogging! I plan to use this recipe after pita gets blue and furry - I am pretty sure it will still be delicious. Thanx again!

  4. Great post ! The chips look delicious ! This is a good staple for entertaining.

  5. i made a mexican themed fri night last week- and i made this recipe instead with toritlla wraps for dipping in salsa and guacamole- it was a big hit!


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